Tierney/Figueiredo Architects believe that all successful projects must work on four levels: aesthetically, contextually, financially and functionally. The project must:

Our primary responsibility is to listen to the client, develop a full understanding of the issues and options, and provide solutions that incorporate these four critical elements.

Four Elements of Success

To achieve success based on this philosophy, TFA’s principals are personally involved with the client and the project. The architect and his design team remain flexible and open in arriving at options and solutions.  Our design process is a collaborative working environment with the client, consultants, and in some cases, builder and users, from the very beginning. The creativity evidenced in our work arises from an emphasis on innovation during all phases of the project.

It’s important that we never forget that we’re working on your project, not ours. We maintain our enthusiasm for all projects; every project, whether grand or humble, deserves to be transformed into a source of pride and profit for our client.